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Window Cleaning

Second story cleaning from the ground

Witman’s offers a full range of window cleaning and now introduces the Ettore® AquaClean system.  This system is a pure water filtration and de-ionization system employed to clean exterior windows and siding.  Pure water produces cleaner glass than the use of chemicals.  Window cleaning chemicals leave a slight residue on the glass surface, thus promoting the re-soiling process.  The pure water system eliminates chemicals from reaching the outside environment as well as leaving a crisp clean window without any chemical residue left behind.

Ettore® AquaClean systemSafety and speed are also promoted when using the Ettore® AquaClean system.  The entire machine and operators are on the ground during use, employing specialized poles to reach windows up to approximately 45 feet without having to use ladders, scaffolding, lifts, or rappelling harnesses.  This means the operators are safe from falls and the entire process is quicker without having to set-up equipment which passes savings on to you, our customer. 

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